Black Box Analog Design MM-1

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The Black Box Analog Design MM-1 is a brand new and unique vacuum tube mic preamp with independent Pentode and Triode stages designed to be incredibly versatile.

The Black Box Analog Design MM-1, unlike traditional preamps, lets you completely shape the response curve without the need for an EQ, removing phase shifts that that smear the signal. Instead the MM-1 uses the valves and the constant variation between the different stages to give you almost limitless tonal possibilities. With independent pentode and triode valve stages, you can easily find the ideal tone.

Unlike many other mic preamps available that tend to reduce harmonics, te Black Box Analog Design MM-1 embraces harmonics and uses them to create beautiful and musical harmonics to provide a rich tone with unprecedented control.

All the amplification is done by the valves and the MM-1 boasts no op-amps, ICs or transistors. Furthermore, it only uses carefully selected components from hand matched resistors and capacitors as well as custom wound Cinemag transformers for a truly uncompromised sound.

Finally, this incredible mic pre requires an uncompromised electric power source and as such, the MM-1 uses a huge toroidal to provide 350V (!) of pure linear power, ensuring that your tubes really sing.

Black Box Analog Design MM-1 Main Features:

  • Independently controlled Pentode and Triode tube stages
  • Custom wound input and output transformers
  • Entirely analog audio path (No ICs or Op amps)
  • Switchable input impedance at input transformer
  • 5 position, gentle and musical roll off
  • “Air” circuit from the HG-2
  • Two response modes
  • 15 db pad
  • Linear power supply
  • Passive output attenuation control
  • 48v Phantom power
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