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The Dangerous Music D-BOX+ is a fully redesigned version of the award-winning D-BOX controller and summing mixer. Equipped with an upgraded 8-channel summing mixer, mastering-grade D-A stereo converters, and new features like Bluetooth connectivity and remote control, the D-BOX+ is the ultimate controller for any studio.


Analog summing has an unidentifiable yet undeniable impact on the sound of your signals. D-BOX+ is perfect for enhancing the sonic impact, panning, depth, and width of any mix. Equipped with a newly upgraded 8-channel analog summing mixer, D-BOX+ offers unprecedented sound quality.

D-BOX+ recreates the flexible routing features of a large format console in a sleek one-rack space unit. Monitor from five different input sources. Listen to the dedicated analog stereo inputs, or monitor from the built-in summing mixer. Access digital audio from the USB and AES/SPDIF connections. And for the first time ever, use the wireless Bluetooth input to stream from any Bluetooth-enabled device.


Ideal for checking mixes on multiple speakers, D-BOX+ offers three mastering-grade speaker outputs. Whether you’re listening through your mains, your mono mix cube, or your far-field system with the sub, D-BOX+ will provide pristine sound.

D-BOX+ features a built-in headphone amp for clean, powerful, and accurate audio during tracking sessions. With the push of a button, you can assign any of the five input sources to either the control room or headphone outputs. Simple front-panel controls make it easy to quickly connect your cans to check a mix.


Stream music directly to the D-BOX+ from any current phone, tablet, or computer using the new D-BOX+ Bluetooth app. This intuitive program offers control over all major functions, allowing you to make adjustments from anywhere in the studio.

D-BOX+ also features an ultra-fast, low-latency USB port for driverless connectivity on macOS, and flawless driver support on Windows computers.


  • Newly upgraded 8-channel analog summing mixer delivers enormous soundstage and superior sonic impact
  • Five analog and digital inputs at your fingertips (analog stereo, analog sum, USB, AES/SPDIF, Bluetooth)
  • Bluetooth wireless audio streaming
  • Free D-BOX+ app offers remote control of all major functions (volume, dim, talkback, I/O select, and more)
  • Dedicated app runs effortlessly on current macOS and Windows computers, as well as IOS and Android devices
  • Driverless USB audio connectivity for macOS; simple USB audio driver installation for Windows
  • Onboard talkback mic with push-button activation (on front panel or remotely from app)
  • Dual best-in-class headphone amplifiers with independent source selection and level control (front panel or app)
  • Three independent speaker outputs (selected from front panel or from app)
  • Programmable speaker selector allows for dedicated mono and/or sub inclusion on all outputs
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