•  Manley Massive Passive - Mastering Version
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    Manley Labs

    Manley Labs Massive Passive - Mastering Version

    The Manley Massive Passive is a passive design and not a "true parametric." A true parametric implies non-interacting controls. In the Massive Passive, the "Gain" and "Bandwidth" controls do interact (on purpose). We cannot create a "Gain" switch that is...
  • SPL PASSEQ Passive Mastering EQ SPL PASSEQ Passive Mastering EQ
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    SPL PASSEQ Passive Mastering EQ

    Specifications     Manuals     Reviews PASSEQ Passive Mastering Equalizer The new dual-channel PASSEQ (Model 1650/1654) is the resolute evolution of the highly acclaimed predecessor Model 2595...