Flux Mastering Pack 1.1

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Mastering Pack


The Flux Mastering Pack native processing plug-in bundle gives you the EQ and dynamics processing plug-in muscle you need to get professional results with maximum transparency. The Mastering Pack includes the Epure II equalizer, the Solera II dynamics processor, the Elixir peak limiter, and the Pure Limiter II mastering limiter. You get up to eight channels of processing with all the clarity and resolution your projects demand. While these plug-ins provide enough features and depth to satisfy any professional, they're also incredibly easy to use and control. Provide the highest-quality finishing touches possible with the Mastering Pack! Flux Mastering Pack Native Processing Plug-in Bundle at a Glance:      Get comprehensive dynamic control with Solera II     Enhance your tracks and your workflow with Epure II     Pure Limiter II     Elixir peak limiter  Get comprehensive dynamic control with Solera II  Solera II contains four integrated components that work together to give you the kind of effective yet transparent dynamic control you need for mastering and mixing situations. This plug-in includes a compressor, a de-compressor, an expander, and a de-expander. Enhance your tracks and your workflow with Epure II  The Epure II EQ plug-in doesn't simply offer all the EQ control you need - it's also incredibly easy to use. Each section of EpureII includes an individual bypass, multiple filter settings, a variable Q, and a big gain range. You also get an Invert function; convenient duplication of settings; and Flux's exclusive A/B morphing system, which allows you to morph between settings with a handy slider. Pure Limiter II  When you're mastering, you need the most transparent dynamic control possible - you don't want listeners to say, "what a great mastering job!" Rather, you want them to say, "the whole thing sounds fantastic!" That's why you need the Pure Limiter II plug-in. It's simple to use, but don't be fooled: this plug-in has plenty of parameter depth and tweakability. You get automatic, manual, and classic operation modes, plus two display modes that let you work the way you want. Elixir peak limiter  Elixir gives you up to eight channels of peak limiting for true surround-sound dynamics control. The peak limiting is precise and transparent, and innovative features like the Stages and the Morphing Slider open new possibilities while making your workflow more efficient. Flux Mastering Pack Native Processing Plug-in Bundle Features:      Up to eight channels, up to 384kHz with 64-bit float processing     Pro-level EQ and dynamics plug-ins     Easy to use yet feature-rich for in-depth tweaking     A/B morphing allows moving between settings seamlessly     Includes Epure II, Solera II, and Pure Limiter II     Mac/Win     VST, Audio Units, AAX

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