Focal Elegia

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For years, Focal have been making industry-leading monitors and open-back headphones for the studio—now with Focal Elegia Headphones you can enjoy Focal’s innovative speaker technology and legendary sound quality anywhere you go. Elegia are the world’s first audiophile circum-aural closed-back headphones, and come equipped with exclusive full-range speaker drivers. Custom-designed for delivering exceptional dynamics and precise sound reproduction via headphones, Elegia are the next-generation of headphones.

Exclusive Speaker Drivers

Elegia’s speaker drivers are designed to deliver unparalleled naturalness and realism. Equipped with revolutionary electrodynamic transducers for optimum elongation, Elegia offers a highly linear frequency response up to 23 kHz. Featuring a proprietary speaker design, Elegia produces minimal noise and distortion even at the lowest frequencies and the highest volumes—allowing you to go beyond the limits of traditional headphones.

Elegia’s speaker drivers use an ‘M’-shaped inverted dome to deliver incredibly precise sound reproduction. Equipped with an onboard motor, a frameless copper voice coil, and a dedicated 110 micron surround—Elegia delivers striking sound quality from the first few seconds of listening.

Perfect Soundproofing

Perfect for music lovers, commuters, and introverts of all kinds, Elegia’s closed-back design provides total privacy and isolation without compromising sound quality. Elegia’s unique vented micro-fiber earpods and unique design allow for resonance-free and distraction-free listening so you can get lost in the music.

Comfort and Elegance

Big, bulky headphones can be distracting. Elegia’s custom headband hugs your head like a custom-knit cap, allowing you to rock out without worrying they’ll fall off of your head. The 20mm memory foam microfiber earpads feel like wearing like wearing big fuzzy slippers on your ears. The culmination of 40 years of expertise in French design and manufacturing, Elegia is made out of leather, solid aluminum and microfiber to combine a sleek, stylish design with maximum comfort.


  • High-end closed-back design for home use and on-the-go
  • Exclusive full-range speaker-driver with an 'M'-shape aluminum/magnesium dome (patent pending)
  • Incredible tonal balance, which is able to reproduce the subtlest sound details at both very high and very low
  • frequencies
  • Excellent performance when connected to a portable audiophile player
  • Very good ambient noise soundproofing
  • Comfortable and ergonomic
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