Metric Halo LIO-8 3d

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LIO-8 3d


he Metric Halo LIO-8 3d is a 24-bit / 192 kHz USB Type-C audio interface offering eight line-level inputs and insert sends, multichannel digital I/O, DSP-powered mixing, and software control for musicians, engineers, and producers in studios and mobile setups. Its integrated dual-core DSP powers a variety of plug-ins—the included DSP+ license unlocks over 100 of them—without burdening your computer's CPU. Robust software ensures easy access to multi-track recording, mixing, monitoring, and more.

The LIO-8 3d's high-resolution converters are fed by DB25 line inputs and two 1/4" Hi-Z DI inputs; all eight inputs feature up to 31.5 dB of gain, informative metering, and front-panel gain controls. Analog outputs include eight line outs via DB25, and a 1/4" headphone jack, which can be affected by the front-panel volume, mute, and dim functions. The LIO-8 3d also mirrors its line inputs to eight insert sends for efficiently splitting to a mixing console or summing bus.

Properly synchronize with other equipment through the BNC word clock jacks and 1/4" SMPTE I/O. The 5-pin DIN connectors allow hookup to a MIDI control surface. Consolidate audio, clock, and data I/O with other 3d-equipped Metric Halo interfaces via the RJ45 MH Link ports. The LIO-8 3d connects to a compatible Mac, Windows, iOS, or Linux device via the supplied USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable. Power it with the included power supply or via a 4-pin XLR power system (available separately).

3d Card Features

  • MH Link: Low-latency, high-bandwidth audio, clock, and data connections via Gigabit Ethernet
  • MH Link Audio: Direct Ethernet Core Audio driver (with support for up to 128 channels of I/O at 192 kHz)
  • MH EdgeBus: A high-bandwidth, programmable, and pluggable audio expansion slot that accommodates a range of I/O expansion cards
  • MH Console: A 64-bit application to control your entire system with a simple, efficient, and flexible routing model (macOS only for Early Access versions)
  • MH Mixer: 128-input / 64-bus unified zero-latency mixer
  • MH MonitorControl: Integrated surround-capable monitor controller with system processing capability
  • MH Record: 128-input multitrack recorder with deep hardware integration
  • MH DSP Engine: Dual-core processing power and 1GB memory in the hardware, plus the +DSP license providing over a hundred plug-ins and the Metric Halo Graph environment

Analog I/O

  • Third-generation analog technology
  • Eight line inputs via DB25 connector
  • Two instrument DI inputs via front-panel 1/4" jacks
  • Eight balanced line-level sends via DB25 connector
  • Sends mirror analog signal present at line inputs 
  • Eight line outputs via DB25 connector with channels 1-2 multed to 1/4" outputs
  • 1/4" stereo headphone output with dedicated DAC
  • Up to 24-bit / 192 kHz conversion

Digital I/O

  • Eight channels of single-wire AES3 (AES/EBU) digital I/O at up to 24-bit / 192 kHz via DB25 connector
  • Word clock I/O via BNC jacks for proper clocking of multiple digital devices using word clock or SuperClock
  • 5-pin MIDI input and output jacks allow integration of a control surface
  • 1/4" SMPTE input and output for timecode synchronization

Informative Front Panel