Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer

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The Neumann KH 750 Subwoofer is a compact DSP-controlled subwoofer designed for use in small studios. Equipped with a powerful 10” driver, the KH 750 delivers very deep bass and lightning fast transient response. Setup, align and calibrate the KH 750 remotely using the Neumann. Control App for iPad. Perfect for music, broadcast, and post production studios, the KH 750 offers balanced low end with a compact footprint and an affordable price tag.


The KH 750 is the perfect companion to small studio monitors like the KH 80 DSP. Featuring a compact design and a flexible 2.0/0.1 Bass Manager, the KH 750 can be easily integrated into studios of any size. From small bedroom studios to large post production setups with up to 9 loudspeakers, the KH 750 can do it all.

The rear of the KH 750 features two balanced XLR inputs and outputs, as well as a 192 kHz/24-bit digital input that can accept AES3 and S/P-DIF signals. With analog and digital inputs and outputs, four routing modes and adaptable acoustical controls, the KH 750 can be seamlessly integrated into any system.


The KH 750 subwoofer features a newly designed 10” long-throw driver for focused bass response. In order to prevent interference while sitting on the floor, a reinforced metal grill protects the driver. The KH 750 is built with a well-braced cabinet that utilizes a sealed design for the fastest transient response possible.


Download the free Neumann.Control App for iPad to gain access to additional features. Assign speaker systems from mono to 3D. Integrate the KH 750 into any system from the palm of your hand. Identify and assign up to 9 speakers in a system. Manually or automatically align your sub for optimum low end. Control volume, groups, solos, mutes and more all from your iPad.


  • Decreases the bass extension of the monitoring system
  • Increases the maximum SPL of loudspeakers
  • Decreases harmonic and intermodulation distortion of loudspeakers
  • Reproduces the LFE channel
  • Reproduces the “Sub” signal of a bass managed multichannel source
  • Makes a Plane Wave Bass ArrayTM system
  • Works as an extension for KH 810, KH 870 and KH 805 subwoofer systems
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