AEON is the first and most popular APS product to date. Designed for experienced users such as sound engineers, music producers and musicians, it has proven to be a very valuable tool, thanks to its balanced, dynamic and detailed sound that cuts through your mix with razor accuracy. Perfect sidekick for all near/mid-field monitoring work – a concept that has since its appearance become the dominant trend.

AEON takes full advantage of our extended experience in speaker design and workmanship. It has some interesting features such as the unique bass controller. In most speakers, this electronic extension of the lower range is hard wired. Here the user has the option to bypass it to obtain a slightly faster bass response, ideal for use with a sub-woofer such as the SUB15.

Designed for stereo or multi-channel systems (5.1 or 7.1 and larger)
Built in unique bass controller with bypass option
Active 2-way appliance equipped with two speakers (tweeter and woofer)
Bass reflex with front ventilation, providing a dynamic low frequencies.

AEON monitor is an active 2-way appliance equipped with two speakers (tweeter and woofer) and two independent power amplifiers for each speaker, fixed on the back plate of the monitor enclosure, as well as with an appropriate set of precise regulators, signalizes, inputs and security devices.

The monitor construction is based on speakers produced by a Norwegian company SEAS. The woofer meets the APS strict requirements. The monitors are offered in two versions: with a titanium or a fabric dome tweeter.

The monitor has been closed in the bass reflex enclosure with front ventilation, providing a dynamic bass properly filled with low frequencies. The edges of the monitor enclosure have been rounded to reduce reflections and to improve the quality of produced sound. The inner wall of the enclosure that completely separates the electronic module from the speaker chamber constitutes at the same time a significant reinforcement of the enclosure eliminating excessive oscillations of the monitor enclosure side walls.

Speakers Come Standard in a Black finish. But can be upgraded to a custom finish. Please contact us for details

All our speakers are available in any color or natural wooden finish. In both cases it is possible to order either matte or polished versions. We can customize the speaker to any finish available on the market based on client’s request. Please contact us if you need more details or to discuss individual finish.


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