A-Designs   Audio,   Inc.   is   proud   to   announce   the   release   of   the   MIX   FACTORY ,   a   totally   new   concept   and   approach   to summing out-of-the-box for people who demand more from their current sound and work-flow. The   MIX   FACTORY   is   not   just   a   summing   unit,   it   delivers   analog   warmth   with   the   depth   and   image   needed   to   make   your mixes stand out from the crowd. The   MIX   FACTORY   is   a   concept   developed   by   Tony   Shepperd   (who   is   known   for   his   high-quality   recordings   ranging   from Gospel,   R&B   to   Rock),   designed   by   Paul   Wolff   (one   of   the   top   designers   in   the   audio   industry),   and   manufactured   by   A Designs Audio, Inc. –  (manufacturer of products such as the Pacifica, Ventura, REDDI, Hammer 2 and Nail). Tony   Shepperd   was   one   of   many   modern   engineers   that   felt   that   everything   could   be   done   “IN   THE   BOX.”   But,   he   came   to realize   that   analog   and   digital   could   live   very   well   together.   By   combining   the   two   –   analog   and   digital   –   to   create   a   Hybrid   was   the   special   combination   that   took   his   mixes   to   a   level   that   had   other   recording   engineers   calling   him   for   tips   and demanding to know how he made his recordings sound so great. The end result, after years of R&D, was the MIX FACTORY.

What makes the MIX FACTORY special?
There   are   16   channels   (which   are   2   D-sub   inputs   summing   to   a   stereo   XLR   out).   All   16   channels   have   a   continuous   Gain Knob,   Pan   (center   detent),   and   Mute   that   acts   as   a   signal   indicator   with   an   audio   sensitive   LED.   The   LED   indicator   glows when   signal   is   passing   into   the   channel   and   intensifies   when   the   signal   is   stronger.   The   same   Mute   button   changes   color   to Red, when used as a mute, to Green when signal is passing through the channel. There   are   (2)   Eight-Channel   groups:   1-8   and   9-16.   Each   group   has   an   Insert   for   a   Compressor   or   EQ.   There   is   also   a Master Insert for all 16 Channels, along with 3 Mute buttons for each Insert. And we aren’t done, yet! The   MIX   FACTORY   has   a   pushbutton   option   to   go   from   clean   (the   standard   setup   bypassing   the   transformers)   to   tonal, using   the   custom-made   output   transformers   made   by   Cinemag. The   difference   between   transformers   and   no   transformers   is night and day. This gives you an option for analog tone and/or color. There’s MORE! The MIX FACTORY is also linkable! This means you can have 64 or more channels…it’s like having a console in a Rack. And   if   that   isn’t   enough,   there   is   an   external   power   supply   to   insure   a   perfect   sounding   unit   every   time.   This   is   a   switchable Power   Supply,   which   can   be   used   for   domestic   (US)   120v   and   export   230v. The   Power   Supply   is   hefty   enough   to   handle   any needs you may require from the MIX FACTORY. We   understand   there   are   summing   boxes   out   there.   But,   nothing   has   come   close   to   the   MIX   FACTORY   for   providing   you   an image to your mix that just stands out.

Mix Factory


Mix Factory


Transformer Out
Transformer In


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