Neumann NU 67



The Neumann NU 67 V is a replacement power supply for the U 67 large-diaphragm tube condenser microphone. It is compatible with new and vintage U 67 mics and utilizes a 7-pin XLR jack for connection to your microphone. The 3-pin XLR allows standardized connectivity with microphone preamps, mixing consoles, and audio interfaces.

Dual fuses and auto-switching voltage enable safe and simple operation. The sturdy power switch minimizes accidentally switching off the unit and a large indicator lamp emits a warm glow when the power supply is on.

The NU 67 V ships with a power cable and features a top-mounted carry handle for easy transport.

Powers a single new or vintage U 67 tube microphone

Dual slow-blow fuses for protection

Automatically adapts to local mains voltage

Redesigned to meet stringent safety standards and accommodate higher filament current of newer premium-grade tubes

Sturdy power switch and large power indicator lamp

7-pin XLR jack for connection to microphone

3-pin XLR jack for connection to preamp, mixing console, or audio interface

Top-mounted carry handle enables easy transport


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