Sonarworks Reference 3 Speaker and Room Calibration



This electronic download of Reference 3 from Sonarworks provides accurate speaker and room calibration, delivering reference-quality sound in less than 15 minutes. The patent-pending technology utilizes a proprietary Perceived Acoustic Power Frequency Response (PAPFR) technology that measures and analyzes sound the way humans actually hear it.

The software automatically detects the microphone position in the room, which makes the process simple with consistent results. The processing plug-in has a filter engine that is specifically designed for audio calibration in the studio setting with a choice of mixed, linear, and minimum phase filters to suit the task at hand.

Speaker Measurement
  • Perceived Acoustic Power Frequency Response (PAPFR): A patent-pending acoustic measurement system that measures sound the way humans perceive it
  • Automatic Microphone Positioning System (AMPS): Automatic microphone-position detection during the measurement process
  • Audio Calibration Filter Engine (ACFE): Filter engine designed specifically for sound calibration use
  • Speaker Range Extension (SRE): Technology that extends or limits speaker response in low and high frequencies
  • Acoustic Power Simulation (APS): Incredibly realistic simulation of different speakers and headphones based on acoustic power



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