Spectra Sonics STX500




Spectra Sonics STX500 500 Series EQ is a revamped version of their classic EQ. STX 500 is equipped with two, very musical frequency bands, making it very easy to beef up or trim any source. Each band can be individually bypassed, has up to 12 dB of boost or reduction, where each turn adjusts signal in 2 dB increments. This is a stellar EQ for Drums, Guitars, Pianos, and Vocals.

STX 500 is meant to be paired with the STX 100 mic preamp and completes the classic Spectra Sonics Channel found on their older consoles. STX 500 becomes the active feedback circuit of the STX 100, it can achieve drastic boosts or cuts of frequency while adding no virtually distortion, and offers zero insertion loss.

Please note: without the pairing with STX 100, STX 500 won’t work in a standard API 500 Series rack.


  • Each band also features an individual bypass
  • High-frequency centers are 2.5, 5, 10, and 15 kHz
  • Low-frequency centers are 50, 100, 200, and 15 kHz
  • Perfect curves evoke the feeling of classic recordings with every knob turn
  • 12 dB of Boost or Cut per band
  • Adjusts in 2 dB increments



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