SPL MixDream XP



The SPL MixDream XP 16×2 Analog Summing Mixer is a 1U rackmountable analog summing mixer that can expand the functionality of any digital console or DAW. The device uses sophisticated discrete Class A/60 V stages for analog summing before analog to digital conversion. It can sum up to 16 audio tracks to a stereo signal, and additional units can be linked together or connected to MixDream model 2384 for projects that require even higher track counts.

The 60-volt (±30V) rails of the unit’s Class A technology with circuitry based on the most modern analog components. This ensures an extremely high slew rate, a very low noise level of -97 dBu and a dynamic range of 125 dB, which puts the unit on par with among the best analog consoles.

In addition to being used for mixing, the unit can also be used for discrete mastering from single tracks or subgroups as well as up-sampling audio to SACD/DVD-A formats.

The back panel of the unit features two 8-channel DB25 inputs, two XLR-3F expansion inputs, two XLR-3M main outputs, and two XLR-3M monitor outputs. The front panel of the device features stereo/mono push buttons for channels 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, and 15/16. A variable output button switches the input level from unity and activates the output gain knob and an expansion input button engages a second MixDream XP connected to the rear panel expansion port.


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