PSPAudioware PSP TotalPack Plug-Ins

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The entire PSP catalog - at a special price. 

What it is: 
Every one of PSP's current plugins.

How we use it: 
Craft a professional mix from front to back. 

Why it's cool:
The PSP TotalPack brings you infinite mix capabilities in a complementary pack of heavy-duty plugins. 

Lexicon PSP42
  • The Lexicon-approved digital stereo delay and phrase sampler based on the legendary Lexicon PCM42!

PSP 2445 EMT
  • A reverb processor inspired by two legendary early digital age reverberators: the EMT® 244 and the EMT® 245.

  • Arguably one of the most fully-featured and user-friendly eight-tap delay effects available! 

PSP 85
  • The big brother of the acclaimed Lexicon PSP 42!

PSP B-Scanner
  • An emulation of the analog scanner-based effect. 

PSP EasyVerb
  • An intuitive, inviting reverb plug-in featuring nine high quality algorithms.

PSP Echo
  • A creative and easy-to-use tape delay for everything from warm slap-backs to tasty ping-pong delays and spacious echoes.

PSP L'otary2
  • A master quality emulation of legendary rotary speakers!

  • A semi-modular multi-effect plug-in which offers unparalleled flexibility and total sound creation freedom!

PSP PianoVerb2
  • A creative resonant reverb plug-in with extra features.

PSP SpringBox
  • An emulation of a high-end quality studio spring reverberator.

PSP stompDelay
  • A creative delay designed to provide a wide range of sounds.

PSP stompFilter
  • A creative tool designed to provide an exceptionally wide range of modulated filter and gain sounds.

PSP BussPressor
  • The sound of classic VCA compression with wide tuning capabilities!

PSP ClassicQ
  • Inspired by classic American-style EQs, this plug-in captures the flavor of vintage filters while offering modern features.

PSP ConsoleQ
  • Captures the sonic character of British console EQs while adding modern features.

  • A multistage equalizer plug-in modeled after the analog equalizer E27 produced by Avedis Audio Electronics.

PSP FETpressor
  • A FET feedback type compressor plug-in.

PSP MasterComp
  • A precision stereo mastering compressor with high fidelity sound and unique linking features.

PSP MasterQ2
  • precise, surgical EQ for mastering or a color processor for sound design and mixing!

  • The classic sound of various famous console EQs coupled with modern features.

  • A highly CPU effecient Linear phase EQ combining frequency-domain fast convolution and analog-modeled algorithms.

PSP NobleQ
  • The incarnation of classic passive program equalizers with extra features.

PSP oldTimerME
  • A compressor designed for demanding track and program compression, limiting and mastering!

PSP preQursor2
  • specialized EQ plug-in with uniquely designed filters with low resonance peaks which reduce ringing artifacts.

PSP RetroQ
  • PSP Audioware’s unique take on a musical EQ with a unique character and low phase distortion.

PSP TripleMeter
  • PSP TripleMeter offers three different meters - VU meters, RMS meters, and PPM meters.

PSP VintageWarmer2
  • The award-winning analog-style multi-band compressor limiter!

PSP X-Dither
  • A high quality mastering dither and noise shaping processor.

PSP Xenon
  • full band, dual-stage limiter plug-in.
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