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The RME ADI-2 DAC FS is a two-channel digital-to-analog converter for the discerning audiophile or engineer. It offers 32-bit conversion up to 768 kHz, making it compatible with high-resolution PCM formats and even DSD256. Additionally, the ADI-2 is compatible with iOS devices with apposite adapters, so you can enjoy audio streamed off your tablet or iPhone in a high-quality manner.

For connections, the ADI-2 DAC FS offers stereo RCA outputs, stereo XLR connections, a 1/4" headphone output, and a low-noise IEM output. You can feed digital signal to the unit over USB, S/PDIF coaxial, S/PDIF Optical, or ADAT.

The built-in headphone amplifier provides low THD values even with 32- or 16-Ohm headphones, ensuring a transparent and crystal-clear sound. Onboard DSP allows you to dial in crossfeed, or instantiate a precise EQ for your exact predilections. This DSP also offers other features, such as a loudness contour reminiscent of old HiFi systems, and M/S encoding or decoding.

A high-resolution graphical operation surface makes operating the unit a breeze, as do the three push-button encoders and four dedicated-menu buttons. Included with the ADI-2 DAC FS are a remote control, an external power supply, a power cord, and a USB cable.

32-Bit / 768 kHz Converter

The ADI-2 DAC is a 2-channel digital to analog converter in a half-rack enclosure. 32-bit / 768 kHz converters offer a signal to noise ratio up to 120 dBA.

Powerful DSP

Powerful, built-in DSP adds useful audio processing, including a 5-band parametric EQ, fast Bass/Treble adjustment, Crossfeed, Loudness control, and more.

Easy to Operate

Operation is quick and easy through three encoders, with push-button functionality, as well as four buttons to access dedicated menus. The unit remembers all current settings, even the menu position.

Digital Inputs

Class Compliant UAC 2 enables up to 768 kHz sample rate on an iPad. The same is available on computers for high resolution of PCM, DXD, and DSD at up to 768 kHz / DSD256. SPDIF coaxial and optical can be used alternately. SPDIF optical also supports two channels of ADAT operation, at up to 192 kHz.

A Panoply of Outputs

The balanced and unbalanced outputs are fitted with both XLR and RCA jacks. The unit uses a fully-balanced and DC-coupled circuit design. The Extreme Power headphone output provides reference-grade sound and headroom. RME's IEM output offers low-noise operation for today's super-sensitive in-ear monitors.

Level Settings

To maintain the full dynamic range within the best operating level, discrete 4-stage reference-level settings were utilized (-5, +1, +7, +13 dBu). The digital volume control of the ADI-2 DAC operates distortion free over a range of 190 dB, staying out of the sound's way.

Steady Clocking

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