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The RME ADI-2 DAC is a high-resolution USB DAC designed to deliver premium digital-to-analog conversion and clean headphone amplification for audiophiles, music lovers, and audio engineers in hi-fi setups and home, project, and commercial studios. It supports sample rates up to 768 kHz and is compatible with PCM and DSD sources. Enhanced circuit design yields excellent jitter suppression, expansive signal-to-noise ratios, and low noise.

Route your audio players to the coaxial or optical digital inputs, or connect your computer or iOS device via USB. Stereo XLR and RCA line outputs offer a four-stage reference level selection and provide an easy connection to power amplifiers or active monitors. 1/4" and 1/8" headphone jacks accommodate a variety of headphones from traditional over-ear models to IEMs. The built-in DSP provides adjustable bass, treble, loudness, 5-band EQ, and more.

Additional luxuries include a USB cable, power supply, remote control, and the integrated AutoDark feature, which automatically turns off all the ADI-2 DAC's lights after ten seconds without user operation.

Flexible Sample Rate Support
Operates at up to 768 kHz via the internal clock or up to 200 kHz via external clocking. DSD and Direct DSD playback are also supported.
Multiple Inputs
Hook up a CD player, digital mixer, or audio interface to the coaxial or optical digital input. Class Compliance allows you to connect your computer or iOS device via USB.
Enhanced DAC
More relays, a different double-symmetrical attenuator circuit, and one additional buffer op-amp succeed in achieving less noise and decreased THD. Selectable hardware reference levels allow proper matching with your analog equipment.
Low-Noise IEM Output
An 1/8" stereo mini-jack accommodates in-ear monitors. Its noise floor is 10 dB lower than the Extreme Power output, and the output impedance is nearly zero Ohms. SNR is 118 dBA while THD remains low. The volume ramp-up and click-free on/off features aid in protecting your hearing.
Selectable AutoDark
All lights on the ADI-2 DAC turn off after ten seconds without user operation. Touch any button or control on the device to turn them back on for ten seconds. Or, using the remote, press any button on to turn on the lights for three seconds.
User-Friendly Remote Control
The included remote control features clearly labeled buttons, readable in low light and ergonomically arranged. It boasts standby on/off, volume up/down, input selection, mute, and four programmable buttons, which can be assigned with 22 available functions and commands.
SteadyClock FS
With SteadyClock FS, the focus was put on reducing the jitter of SteadyClock to new lows by improving its second analog PLL circuit and referencing both Direct Digital Synthesis and PLL to a low-phase-noise quartz crystal. The self jitter measured through DA conversion now reaches levels that usually are only available
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