sE Electronics/Rupert Neve RNT Tube Microphone

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  • sE Electronics/Rupert Neve RNT Tube Microphone
  • sE Electronics/Rupert Neve RNT Tube Microphone
  • sE Electronics/Rupert Neve RNT Tube Microphone


The sE Electronics/Rupert Neve RNT Tube Microphone is the third in a series of collaborations between sE and Rupert Neve designs. The RNT provides fully discrete, Class-A electronics throughout both stages of the microphone and nine different polar patterns options including cardioid, figure eight, omni, bi-directional and everything in between.

The first stage, the tube-based path of the microphone, includes an ultra-low noise ECC82 tube in the microphone chassis as well as a custom built RND output transformer. The second stage is contained within the power supply and can be used to control the polar pattern, filter and gain switching. The op-amps used within the RNT are the same custom amp used in the flagship 5088 recording console, which has been known worldwide for its extremely high headroom and clarity. To provide the best signal path possible, a second custom RND output transformer has been implemented to this stage.

The large diaphragm condenser microphone is sE’s best design to date, all developed and constructed by hand in the sE factory. The mic includes all Class-A circuitry providing the maximum dynamic range and highest SPL possible while maintaining an ultra-low noise floor. With the option to engage a 12 dB pad or boost the overall input level by 12 dB, the RNT will surely handle any source you put in front of it. Two selectable high-pass filters allow you to remove the low-end rumble generated by the room, or to decrease the proximity effect or plosives of the performance.

Reliable operation is ensured by the sturdy all-metal design, robust construction, and high- quality manufacturing standards. A high-quality metal case is also included.


  • RNT microphone
  • Custom shock-mount
  • RNT Floor Box PUS
  • 8-pin cable
  • sE logo sticker
  • IEC power cable
  • Wooden microphone box
  • Flight case
  • User manual with warranty card


  • Hand-crafted, gold-sputtered 1" true condenser capsule
  • Nine selectable polar patterns
  • Hand-selected ECC82 tube and custom Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer
  • Custom-made, discrete Class-A Rupert Neve Designs amplification
  • In the floor box: a second custom-built Rupert Neve Designs audio transformer
  • Hand-crafted metal housing with premium finish
  • Active gain stage with three switchable levels
  • Two switchable active low-cut filters
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