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The SPL Crescendo is the world’s first eight-channel microphone preamplifier equipped with 120 V technology for unparalleled signal fidelity and clarity. Seriously—just try to overdrive this high-voltage preamp. Capture details you never thought possible and unlock the hidden potential of your microphones with SPL Crescendo.

Crank It Up To 11

Great news for gain-happy guitarists and heavy-hitting drummers—SPL Crescendo offers a nearly limitless dynamic range, meaning you can record louder than ever before without causing your preamps to clip or distort. Experience the sound of your microphones like never before with eight high-voltage preamps, designed to deliver pristine sound and unprecedented accuracy. For the first time, you can capture performances with no additional coloration—recording the sound exactly as it hits your microphones.

The Perfect Components

SPL Crescendo utilizes carefully selected components to capture the fastest transients, the finest details and the complete frequency range of any signal without adding distortion or coloration of any kind. Featuring fully discrete high-voltage amplifiers, SUPRA op-ams and an internal operating voltage of ±60 V, SPL Crescendo captures performances with unrivaled precision.

Differential amplifiers in the input stage are carefully matched with transistors pairs to guarantee a high common mode rejection and extremely low THD values for total transparency. SPL Crescendo features discrete op-amps of the output stage to provide Class A operation, as well as active servo circuits for eliminating DC voltage.

Additional Features

All eight channels of SPL Crescendo feature individual gain controls and dedicated VU meters for monitoring signal level. An optional -10 VU reduction switch allows for optimum monitoring of softer signals.

SPL Crescendo also offers +48 V phantom power for powering condenser microphones, phase reversal switches for multi-mic recordings, and -20 dB PAD switches for recording exceptional loud sounds.

SPL Crescendo includes a unique toroidal transformer power supply built directly into the chassis. A custom Mu-metal sheet is used to shield the power supply, preventing electrical interference.

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