SPL Neos - 24 x 2 Summing & Monitoring Console (Factory B-Stock)

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The SPL NEOS 24x2 Summing and Monitoring Console combines the benefits of a 24-channel analog summing mixer, including faders, panorama controls, and a complete and practical monitoring section, all within a compact design powered by the company's 120-volt technology. Conceived with sound engineers, the unit is designed to integrate seamlessly with computer-based workflows while providing the characteristic high-quality sound and handling of analog devices.

The 24 inputs are provided by three 8-channel DB25 connectors, and the slave, insert, and tape returns are available on balanced XLR connectors. For outputs, the unit features balanced XLR connectors for recording out, monitor A, and monitor B, as well as unbalanced XLR connectors for alternative out, insert sends, and metering.

Each input path features a 100mm ALPS fader, pan controls, mono, cut, solo, and "To Monitor Only" push buttons with signal LEDS. The master path also features a 100mm ALPS fader with inserts and bend function for limiting. The monitoring section includes a volume control, a tape mix (DAW return) control, as well as mute, dim, and mono push buttons.

The NEOS utilizes the company's 120-volt technology, which has four times as much operating voltage when compared to most common production mixers. The higher voltage provides over 30 dB of headroom at the input stage, with more than 122 dB of dynamic range, and a 92 dB signal-to-noise ratio over all channels. The unit's handmade discrete op-amps have a signal-to-noise ratio of 116 dB and 34 dB of headroom. The device's over all 150 dB dynamic range covers a frequency response up to 200 kHz, which is beyond the current demands of both PCM digital formats at 24 bit 192 kHz and DSD digital format with 1-bit and 255 fs.

The included rack brackets allow for the console to be mounted at either a 0° or 10° angle. Multiple units can be cascaded together using SPL's 5-pin XLR cables. The 7RU unit is hand made in Germany using pre-production matched components, sealed switching relays, over sized signal traces, a generous PCB layout for greater trace separation, a star-ground scheme, and a linear power supply.

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