TC Electronic TC2290-DT

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Modeled after the original 2290 Digital Delay from 1985, the TC Electronic TC2290-DT is a versatile delay solution that features a dedicated hardware interface with full DAW integration and powerful signature presets that will fuel your fire, while adding inspiration and instant character to your production work. The unit can create crisp repeats to complex delay rhythms and super-expressive modulated soundscapes.

The TC2290-DT's sleek, tactile controls and authentic recreations offer total creative control of your delay, allowing for experimentation without limits. The unit features professional sound quality with a dynamic, musical response. The desktop controller is USB bus powered and requires no special drivers, allowing for fast and easy installation out of the box. The plug-in features signature presets from professional artists and producers, which provide authentic recreations of the exact delays that helped define music history.

General Features
  • Desktop controlled plug-in brings the TC2290 dynamic delay to your DAW
  • Complete delay solution with extensive modulation capabilities for your favorite audio software
  • High-quality tactile interface with authentic look and feel of original TC2290 rack delay
  • Custom-designed signature presets featuring world-class artists and recording engineers
  • High-resolution input/output meters for accurate signal monitoring
  • DAW tempo, automation and project recall support
  • TC Electronic algorithms for professional effects  
  • Powered by USB and ready for Mac and Windows
  • Standard VST, Audio Units and AAX plug-in processing, compatible with all major DAWs including Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic Pro, GarageBand, and Ableton Live
  • Limited 3-year warranty program 
  • Designed and engineered in Denmark
  • Versatile delay solution that features a dedicated hardware interface with full DAW integration and powerful signature presets that will fuel your inspiration and add instant character to your tracks
  • Capable of conjuring up virtually any conceivable delay type, the TC2290-DT makes it easy to vitalize your tracks with everything from crisp repeats, to complex delay rhythms and ultra-expressive modulated soundscapes.
  • TC2290-DT’s sleek tactile controls and authentic tone recreations give you total creative control of your delay, allowing you to explore and experiment to your heart’s content. With its professional sound quality and genuine musical response, the TC2290-DT is like a musical instrument in the mix
Digital Delay Legacy
  • Originally launched in 1985, the 2290 Digital Delay was lauded as a completely revolution in sound. Adopted by producers, FOH engineers, and musicians alike, it redefined the benchmark for delay units, and quickly became a standard in studio and live rigs around the world
Unbeatable Tone
  • TC2290-DT is capable of creating pristine delays fused with remarkable modulation effects, such as chorus and flanging. Endless sonic flexibility lets you add emotion and presence to your songs with crisp and organic repeats, or take your sound to the skies with beautifully rich stereo delays and modulated soundscapes
  • Whether you’re into rock ’n’ roll, jazz, electronica, or anything in-between, the versatile tonal palette of the TC2290-DT will make your mixes pop
Desktop Control
  • TC2290-DT comes with a sleek and intuitive desktop control unit that lets you get your hands into the mix right out of the box
  • With all tone-defining parameters at your fingertips, the TC2290-DT takes up the song mantle of the classic 2290 Digital Delay, while radically reinventing the delay unit for a new generation of musicians, producers, and engineers
A Plethora of Presets
  • Over the years, a veritable who’s who of professional bands, producers, and artists including David Gilmour, Dream Theater, U2’s The Edge, and guitar virtuoso Robben Ford, have utilized the beautiful delays of the original 2290
  • Imported directly from the actual rack units of artists from all corners of the music world, TC2290-DT’s signature presets provide authentic recreations of the exact delays that helped define music history
  • On top of the classic sounds, the signature presets feature an ever-growing collection of all new designs by world-class artists and recording engineers. Tweaked down to the very last detail, the presets for TC2290-DT are record-ready settings that will skyrocket your mixing or recording session
Dynamic Performance
  • With traditional delay plug-ins, loud echoes often overpower and interfere with the subtle, organic nature of the music. TC2290-DT’s dynamic delay responds instantly, and musically to the volume of the input signal, so the actual repeats change in response to your music
  • While you’re playing, the delay repeats blend seamlessly into the signal content, and when you stop the effect becomes more obvious. This is often referred to as ducking, which makes the desired signal much more prominent in the mix
  • TC2290-DT provides high-resolution input and output meters for accurate signal monitoring directly on the hardware interface, plus all tone-defining parameters including delay time, feedback level, modulation, mix settings, and more
DAW Ready
  • TC2290-DT is a powerful addition to any console, mixing desk, or bedroom recording station, and supports all modern plug-in standards
  • Make full use of DAW tempo, automation, and full project recall, giving you the freedom to work with any audio software you prefer, including: Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton Live, Reaper, Logic Pro X, and more
Capturing the Details
  • TC2290-DT recreates the unmistakable sound of the original 2290. Over the course of more than a year, TC Electronic's engineers have taken apart four original units, each with their own distinct character, and measured them from top to bottom
  • To create an accurate emulation, the engineers then cross-compared the data step by step until they achieved the clarity and warmth that has always been the hallmark of the classic 2290 sound
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